"Modernism will never be the same": Jed Rasula in New York

by on Mar.12, 2013

Scholar and poet Jed Rasula is going to discuss the groundbreaking anthology Burning City, which he edited with Tim Conley, with Josh Schneiderman, PhD student at CUNY, on Thursday March 14, at 6:30 pm. The info is here.

“‘The fascination of cities,’ wrote Langston Hughes, ‘seizes me, burning like a fever in the blood.’ BURNING CITY enacts that passion with astonishing skill and learning. Whatever else Modernism was or was not, its geography was that of the New Urbanism: from Paris and Berlin to São Paulo and Shanghai, from such icons as the Eiffel Tower and the Empire State Building to Moscow’s Nikitin Circus, it is the City in all its contradictions, its splendors and miseries, that was to become the laboratory of modernism, still dominating our dreams and nightmares a century after the fact. Truly global in its reach, yet local in its exacting particularities, BURNING CITY breaks down the old familiar isms and genre divisions, introducing us to writings we’ve never seen before, printed side by side with our favorite poems by Huidobro and Musil, Mayakovsky and Mina Loy. In a nutshell, the map of modernism will never be the same!”—Marjorie Perloff

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  1. Kent Johnson

    It’s good to see Marjorie Perloff mention Huidobro in this blurb. That’s serendipity! I’ve got something about something else she wrote here, in the new issue of Chicago Review. And Huidobro, among others, comes into it somewhat prominently.


  2. Johannes

    That’s a good article Kent, and I think it’s exactly this kind of American-centric idea of modernism/the avant-garde that Jed and Tim undo with the anthology.