Autistic Cuneiforms: Styx Förlag, CM Lundberg and Mattias Forshage

by on Jul.24, 2013

One of the most inspiring books I’ve been reading over the past few months has been the Swedish publisher Styx Förlag’s anthology Autistisk Kilskrift. It’s somewhat oriented around the work of Mattias Forshage, one of the original members of the Surrealist Group of Stockholm, which readers of this blog might know from my discussions of Aase Berg, who got her start there in the 80s.For example, together Forshage and Berg wrote the manifesto Surrealism in Ulterior times, which can be found in translation here.

Anyway this anthology is marvelous and strange, eclectic. One of my favorite writers in here is CM Lundberg, for example (in my hasty translation):

Rat Song (slow mentally ill music):

Something new that kind of got the thought to go askance and
never successfully reached the destination, it was enemies, she with the small
fetuses (with glitter on) plus somebody else.
One was not allowed to talk about one’s obsessions. Some built houses.
It was more exciting to see.
My contact with catholocism:
I called around 11 from the mushroom. Needed to be cleansed. A good
representative received me at his office and listened to my story.
The non.river was black. non sat and rested on the river bed.
The strangely slow poisoning process had its own sound.
A spot light.
Afterward I understood that it was hard to get a hold of him.
There was one hour left.

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