Corean Music #5: The Violent Excess of Rebecca Loudon, Kim Hyesoon and Marosa di Giorgio

by on Aug.21, 2013

The new installment of my “Corean Music” series is up at the Poetry Foundation:

“This is why I take issue with Steve Burt’s notion (expressed in a Facebook comment thread in response to my last post) that we can discern and celebrate a non-violent “excess” in contemporary poetry (and, by implication, construct a hygienic barrier around it, cordoning off and out of the conversation of those poets who don’t see violence as optional). Following my own ideas about ambient violence and those of Morton, I would argue that if excess isn’t violence, it’s not excess. That ‘ex-’ means something. It means coming out of, going beyond. Excess is something that is continually coming through itself, becoming an ‘Aeolian event,’ re- and hyper-medializing itself, splitting itself apart to pour more of itself through. If it doesn’t perform this ‘ex-’ it’s not excess. Excess is violence.”

I go on to talk about the work of Rebecca Loudon, Kim Hyesoon and Marosa di Giorgio.

Read the whole thing here.

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