Calling all contammo-fiends & beauty brats! TYTTI HEIKKINEN is in the house!

by on Jan.14, 2014

Johannes Göransson is in the cryer this morning because not enough ppl are reading Tytti Heikkinen’s THE WARMTH OF THE TAXIDERMIED ANIMAL + + + + + How can this be, ppl??? I SLEEP DROOLING ALL OVER THIS BOOK, WHICH I NIGHTLY CRAM IN MY MOUTH. + + + + + These wild, search engine-based poems make Flarf look sooooo totally last decade.

Because I feel morose when Johannes weeps and because I think Tytti Heikkinen is the best thing since radioactive fat lozenges, I’m putting up a sampler of her poems here.

All translations by the amazing NIINA POLLARI! You can buy the book here.




Fuck i’m a fatty when others are skinny.
Also Im short, am I a fatty or short? Wellyeah
I’m such a grosss fatty that it makes no sens…
My Woundedness has let the situation get
this way tht the fat squeezes out etc. Now I’m
putting distance btwn me and everything, because I’ve been so
disappointed in my self, cause from the word “greedy”
I think of a greedy fatty and then I get mad. Panic
rises in my chest, a tremor. Everything is so terrible
, outside its wet and icy , It’s cold when I
lay here and im an undisciplined fatty.
.This morning smeone I know was fucking aroundAbout how I’m such a fatty
and I hadto punch them BTWN THE eyes…they spit back at me
and I got a horrible pigsnot on the back of my neck. After that
I gothome super hungry.
For a long time I’ve been looking at my neighbor Saku
“like that”. ive had many dreams about him,
but I don’t remember the dreams but I’d really like
to give it to him. Maybe if I go
over there today. But I’M so shy.
now I’m crackin up. Reason being: when I
crush on someone,I think about how I’m an AWFUL
FATTY smashing into them!Seriously I’m a terrible fatty.
Perverse. A godzilla pig.
I stopped eatin candy and I still cant
loose weight. Now I’ve been dyeting
eating only one nutrilett bar. I am
a terrible war elephant with fat thighs.
aarghhh I Want my bones to showI’m
a faaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttttttyyyyyyyyyyyy
yyyyyyyyyy I’m furious about my fat! I eat all the time, I’m
an awful fatty.
E ating…It began when I was in seventh grade.
Other ppl said I was a fatty.Ive been think about it, and
I agree.
Even now I’ve gained a lot of weight. I am
a well-known fatty, on par with whales. I’m a fatty and I
know it..Other ppl don’t gotta
comment. And Now I’ve gained weight again.!



Gonna say one thing just as soon as this vomiting
Went shopping today for cute shoes. !! Everybody is
gross but be and my friends .

Yestrdy I was into this one dude and tried
prolly too hard
to get near him. He said ur not the one Im looking for.
It broke myyy heaaart.
You betrayed my heart, squeezed it empty like
a sponge… Before everything was the same. No more. i
am in love…

I don’t think it’s even possible to not be
crushin. Everybody has to have someone, who
they can dream about, to love forcefully, even if they don’t even
want to. Thats why I wanna love forever… refrain <3:



Brains control our motions, fill
the horizon to its brims.
Muscular, air-inflated brains,
neuronal marriers of the micro- and macrocosm
perfect gods
dense and serious in a way that doesn’t fall for cheap
effects, like the heart or IBM.

Today my brains began to wither away.
I no longer recall multiplication tables or what I used to read.
My brains melt
my brains melt
and two suited men arrive at the coat check.
Thanks everyone for yesterday,
don’t feel bad.
Brains just escape far away,
yep, yep
they need a lot of nourishment
they ate 13,000 rolls and now they feel lazy.

Will we have reality or rest and dreaming?
Brains don’t separate the real from the phantom pain,
so there is no “knowledge,”
no heaven divisible by ten,
d’apres moi and bye-bye.

Luckily it’s already evening like we know
we know it.



After the sample-taking, the rabbit was dead.
Rumor had it, without sacrament, but
the pastor remarked: – A dead seal belongs to the state
but a dead rabbit to God. The funeral guests slurped coffee and were
in agreement that the downstairs salon’s beautiful
hue was due to the meteor lighting and the walls’
curly-wood panel and they hoped that death
meant the place’s ownership would clear up.
The drunk yelled that death was only
a theoretical jump, he himself would die only
once a soldier struck him with a dagger in the neck or
head and that the rabbit was too sensitive, had begun
to stiffen in the blueprints of its timidity and this kind
of impression-ism was standing dead in its own
superficiality and ordinariness and that
the world, into which we were stepping rabbitless,
was in any case fucking beautiful and we could find lying
dead also bullfinches, siskins,
redpolls and larks, and someone else yelled
that the protection status was dead and the whole world
ought to be in its escape gear.
The mother rabbit said: my child is dead.
We heard angels begin to cry. We saw
how the dead one rose. It had the whole time kept
an eye on the situation and now began to implement group executions.
Someone had time to shout: – So Lenin
has indeed invented a way to live!


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