by on Jan.11, 2014

Pop Corpse

“Much has been written of Glenum’s poetics’ politics. Essentially, they’re radical. ‘Feminine’ identity is corrupted. Nostalgia stapled to the mass graves. Tastefulness surviving with Shepard Fairey’s ‘HOPE’ poster as a human centipede. The pastoral bukkake-d. Not nearly enough has been written about Glenum’s poetic innovations, partly because they are, like any innovation, difficult, and partly because it’s so fun to riff on such an “avantcore” language space…

This is the mark of a Shenzen-manufactured, third-party-licensed, private-equity-firm-owned piece of future trash…

They are not novelties, or shocks, or experiments. They are of an originality that is less a call to imitation, and more a shout to keep up.”

Read more of Donald’s x-ray insight here!

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  1. Johannes

    I’m interested in the distinction Donald draws here between writing that invites “riffing” and writing that gets written about. That seems to have some nugget of insight in it – about the difference of creative contagion vs scholarly lineages etc. / Johannes