ATLANTIS: Your Morning Coffee & Devastation

by on Feb.26, 2014


ATLANTIS, book four of the Blood Work series and the last to be released, is now available in a limited edition of 33 copies from Deathbed Editions.

Blood Work: The Apocalypse of Dan Hoy | Book Four
limited edition (33)

The trailer features footage of my town Lyons CO getting washed away this past September for those curious what a real deluge looks like.

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  1. Geoffrey Cruickshank-Hagenbuckle

    Dan— Yesterday I saw an issue of Soft Targets shelved in Philosophy at Book Thug, used books in Williamsburg. For those who do not know S T still occupies such a zone of indiscernability it can’t be forgotten or retained. Its 2 volumes (2006/7) edited by Dan Hoy and Daniel Feinstein included jumpstart work by A. Reines, A. B.adiou, Roberto B.olano, C.hris Marker —“Get the picture?” “Yes, we see.” (The Shangri Las) A thru Z to Etc. Irrepressible, sightings too were made at Strand, which dies [does] not sell used magazines, under Poetry Anthologies. Expect it next filed in X, or Z.oology.

    Geoffrey Cruickshan-Hagenbuckle

  2. Geoffrey Cruickshank-Hagenbuckle

    Wakey wakey. Should read: Daniel FeinBERG. And that’s CruickshanK-Hagenbuckle—to you!

    Pour more coffee, G.