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by on Feb.04, 2015


In case you haven’t heard by now, the Mongrels have launched their own guerrilla website and it’s pretty shattering stuff.  This will be the last time I post on their behalf here or anywhere else, so please check the site out for future updates.

-the former Messenger

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  1. adam s

    What are these: GAY FLAG-DRAPERS, WHITMANIAN TWINK POETS. Is a Gay Flag-Draper someone who uses images of (a) nation-state, or does not divorce their writings from taking place in one? WTP is rather amazing/hilarious, but I really have no idea what it means–I mean since when were there enough poems that it’s clear there’s a Twink School! This sounds like something from the annals of Seth Oelbaum! It has a somewhat Heterosupremacist ring, but this is in itself twisty, as I can’t imagine a Hetero person using that coinage! It’s cheering to see that the term racist may be losing ground and getting the much needed replacement white supremacist, which is so much less evasive.

  2. adam s

    In other words the WTP coinage ultimately has the ring of intra-H

  3. adam s

    In other words the WTP coinage ultimately has the ring of intra-Homo anger; intra-rage is good; solidarity is so often so suspect/hegemonic and eliding.

  4. adam s

    Is their website itself meant to be a grand conceptual production? It, too, seems to want a think, or feeler, ship, as it does not appear to want to be read in any way other than as one would read a an advertisement; they seem to preemptively assume any questions, any doubts, a reader may have, are wrong, are because the reader is too fucking dumb and white supremacist, which means one literally can’t thoroughly read this text–or rather can but is not supposed to. It really is an amazingly creepy concept–scare a reader into silence unless they are wholly supportive. Well I am supportive, but also baffled (not at the issues raised, the anger, the frustration, that all seems reasonable) at the mode; and there’s a line telling me that I am a fuckhead for even caring about the presentation–but text has construction, has form and implications of form, again leading me to believe this is an extraordinarily conceptual endeavor, and one which is not at all like KG but does gel with the notion of thinkfeelership.

  5. adam s

    Not “seems reasonable”–is reasonable: very. I don’t like the tone of the earlier bit at-all, and apologize.

  6. adam s

    “because the reader is too fucking dumb and white supremacist” is inadequate wording–many readers are white supremacists. I meant more akin that to ask questions of MCAG may stem from being invested in concerns they express, not only embody criticism which wishes to destroy as opposed to try and nourish more flourishing of their concerns.