Carleen Tibbetts on The Sugar Book

by on Apr.16, 2015

Carleen Tibbetts has a great review of The Subar Book on the website American Micro Reviews, focusing on the sugary, decayed substance of artifice. Here’s the final paragraph:

The Sugar Book is vile and violent, but also asphyxiatingly sweet, choking while gorging on its aloof, artful persona. It unsettles. It takes the reader far beyond their comfort zone, as poetry should. Just like Los Angeles herself, the poems inhabit that glittering/grotesque duality of Kardashian Family and Manson Family. They have that eerie Chinatown feel. They are the disarticlated woman in the Black Dahlia murder. They are Richard Ramirez in all his night-stalking terror. The Sugar Book asks, when any structure decays, when the sugar decays, what do we do with the remains?

For the rest, go here.

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