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This Is the Source of All the Perfection of the Whole World: Isaac Newton & Jon Leon

by on Jan.19, 2013

Armani Gere SunglassesIsaacnewton

Isaac Newton writing on alchemy is like Jon Leon writing on the female image. I discovered this after reading James’ post yesterday and then paging through The Alchemy Reader from Cambridge University a few hours later. I’ve read Newton’s boringly fascinating work on Biblical prophecy but don’t remember him hitting the same kind of tonal impossibility he hits here, though I probably just missed it. I haven’t read his more well-known science writing. Regardless, in his writing on alchemy, at least, he creates a web of artfully banal tropes & action in order to pierce it with the crystal blue image of infinity. And he does it with a gesture that is both kidding and completely serious. This is perhaps the prototypical alchemical operation, or philosopher’s stone, and it’s also Leon’s modus operandi: somewhere beyond irony.

From The Commentary on the Emerald Tablet, Newton’s thoughts on the best known work attributed to Hermes Trismegistus:

This is the source of all the perfection of the whole world. The force and efficacy of it is entire and perfect if, through decoction to redness and multiplication and fermentation, it be turned into fixed earth. Thus it ought first to be cleansed by separating the elements sweetly and gradually, without violence, and by making the whole material ascend into heaven through sublimation and then through a reiteration of the sublimation making it descent into earth: by that method it acquires the penetrating force of spirit and the fixed force of body. Thus will you have the glory of the whole world and all obscurities and all need and grief will flee from you.

From Leon’s collection Right Now the Music & the Life Rule: (continue reading…)

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by on Jan.14, 2013

Just wanted to drop a quick note:

The next (first) installment of Blood Work: The Apocalypse of Dan Hoy is now available in a limited edition of 33 from Solar Luxuriance: CENTURIES & PROPHECIES: Blood Work, Book I.

For the completists among us, REVELATIONS & CONFESSIONS: Blood Work, Book II (the second installment but the first to be printed) might still be available from Slim Princess Holdings.

Save your mysteries
for the mysterious


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On Earth: In Honor of Living Posthumously (December 21, 2012)

by on Dec.21, 2012

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Apocalypse in a Time of Technocrats

by on Dec.17, 2012


After those days the eternal knowledge of the God of truth withdrew from me and your mother Eve. Since that time we learned about dead things, like men. Then we recognized the god who had created us. For we were not strangers to his powers. And we served him in fear and slavery.

– The Apocalypse of Adam

As we slouch ever closer to the Great Conjunction of December 21, 2012, let us turn our attention to the Corbières mountains, where Eric Freysselinard, Prefect of the Aude department in south-central France, has banned access to the famous Pic de Bugarach.

Freysselinard’s stated concern is public safety, given the mountain’s reputation as one of the few sacred places on Earth that will survive the coming Apocalypse. Although he has yet to be called out on it in the mainstream press, this is the secular equivalent of locking all the animals out of the ark just as the rain is starting to fall.

(continue reading…)

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What happens on Earth stays on Earth

by on Nov.15, 2012

I’ve been working on a multi-volume set of occult writings called BLOOD WORK. The second volume, Revelations & Confessions, is getting a limited, early release via Slim Princess Holdings as of today. You can purchase one of 33 copies at Slim Princess Holdings.

The dominant tropes of this volume are pulled from what Heinrich Agrippa would call the Celestial Realm, a system of control which manifests these days as the alien abduction phenomenon. In other words:

The best technology
if you want

to rule Earth
is blood.

have the best technology.

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Blood Work: An Address to the U.N. General Assembly

by on Sep.27, 2012

It’s been awhile since I posted on Montevidayo. Since then I’ve left Brooklyn for the mountains and fires of Colorado. Most of my critical and poetic faculties are applied these days to the materials of sustainability (water, fire, sorcery) and inter-species communication (pets, wildlife, aliens). The Earth rules. The Universe blows my mind.

Not that I have forgotten our old nemesis: the World that ruins everything.

Here, for example, are the latest (last?) words of Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who plays the role of a kind of sound-biting court jester within the media apparatus:

[from his address to the U.N. General Assembly earlier today:]

I have talked in the past seven years about the current challenges, solutions and prospects of the future world. Today I want to raise and discuss such issues from a different perspective.

Thousands of years has passed since children of Adam (peace be upon Him) started to settle down in various parts of Earth.

Peoples of different colors, tastes, languages, customs and traditions pursued persistently to fulfill their aspirations to build a noble society for a more beautiful life blessed with lasting peace, security and happiness.

Despite all efforts made by righteous people and justice seekers, and the sufferings and pains endured by masses of people in the quest to achieve happiness and victory, the history of mankind, except in rare cases, is marked with unfulfilled dreams and failures.

(continue reading…)

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ORIGINS ARE THE FUTURE: Dan Hoy's Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey (full feature)

by on Apr.05, 2012


I would like to invite you to experience Dan Hoy’s Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, featuring Def Leppard, Bad English, Bonnie Tyler, Orbital, Bon Jovi, Belinda Carlisle, The Sugarcubes, Shakespeare’s Sister, Journey, Roxette, The Bangles, Heart, Alphaville, The Knife, Air Supply, & Duran Duran.

For those looking for a sneak peak, this previous post is for you.

For those looking to mainline the full experience, look no further. Here it is, in all of its power ballad space opera glory:



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by on Jan.26, 2012

Sex, booze, hoodies and most illegal of all, food. But it is the declaration of hunger that is truly blasphemous.

“Alaska Army National Guard Soldiers assist Anchorage Police to calm or detain rioters as part of the training scenario of exercise Vigilant Guard Ft. Richardson, Alaska, Wednesday April 28, 2010.”

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Preludes to an Apocalypse: Prophecies for 2012

by on Dec.29, 2011

I think we can all agree that 2011 was a convincing warm-up to the Apocalypse. For those of you wondering what’s on tap for 2012, rest assured that we are almost there. In the spirit of popular end-of-the-year lists, below is a compilation of apocalyptic preludes for the coming year (with the main event currently scheduled for 2013):

  • There will be ongoing intermediate-level earthquakes in odd locales (a la the Colorado and Virginia quakes of 2011) and at least one large earthquake along a major fault line.
  • The price of basic necessities like food and oil will rise significantly due to currency volatility, geopolitical instability, unusual climate activity, and systemic phenomenon like peak oil and peak water.
  • Greece will pull out of the Eurozone.
  • The Fed will initiate another round of Quantitative Easing (QE) in an effort to postpone collapse of the global Keynesian system and as part of its escalating currency war with China.
  • The price of gold will pass $3,000/oz.
  • Ron Paul will not be the Republican nominee for U.S. president, despite popular support that outpaces all other candidates including Mitt Romney, who will be declared the official nominee.
  • Paul will choose to run as a 3rd party candidate, receiving clandestine support from globalist and Republican insiders who don’t want Romney to be president either (i.e. so that Paul will split “the conservative vote”).
  • The Euro will collapse and the Eurozone will dissolve, triggering multiple major corporate bankruptcies and bank runs across the world.
  • The U.S. will invade Iran prior to the U.S. presidential election, further destabilizing the region and escalating tensions with China/Russia.
  • Obama will be reelected U.S. president with a total vote count that is less than Romney and Paul combined.
  • OWS activities will expand and escalate into violence, though much if not all of this violence will be instigated by COINTELPRO-style infiltrators in an attempt to discredit the movement.
  • Protests and riots unaffiliated with OWS, including violent flash mobs, will become the new global “meme”.
  • FEMA camps will be used to detain political dissidents and societal malcontents in the U.S. following mass arrests after protests and riots.
  • There will be a false flag “terrorist” event in the continental U.S. of the chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear variety.
  • Increased solar activity will lead to repeated interruptions of service provided by electronic infrastructures toward the end of the year.
  • Anonymous will raise the stakes and escalate its sporadic cyber attacks into a full-on cyber war against major financial and political institutions.
  • Assassinations and attempted assassinations of key players in the behind-the-scenes global control matrix will be a recurring theme.
  • Escalating tensions between China/Russia and U.S./UK/etc. will lead to isolated military incidents and the precipice of WWIII.
  • And much more!

    Sound off below with your own prophecies and counter-prophecies —

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    Poetry Fundamentals: Power, Risk, & Resistance

    by on Dec.11, 2011


    Stop the Heavens
    from crashing to the Earth.
    This is the cry of the biggest
    assholes in Heaven.

    – from The Portable Atlas

    Last month Robert Hass and Brenda Hillman were beaten by Berkeley police, and Geoffrey O’Brien ended up with a broken rib. They are obviously not the only poets (“academic” or otherwise) to suffer at the hands of the State since the Occupy movement started, but they are the first to be given an opinion piece after the fact in The New York Times. Generally speaking, I’m not all that interested in their credentials or even their poetic oeuvre. What interests me here is their act of resistance as a form of poetry. (continue reading…)

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    by on Nov.17, 2011

    There are helicopters hovering in place above downtown Manhattan. I’m staring at them right now. They’re staring at this:

    Watch it live:

    1) A common criticism of OWS is its lack of focus around a clear objective. But it is precisely this lack of definition that “defines” OWS. The quickest way to diffuse its potential is to play into the state’s strategy of categorization. Definition is a mechanism of control. And to the state, anything outside its mechanisms of control does not exist. This means there are always those who are present but not counted, who “represent” nothing. These are the remainders of the system. You could argue that any revolutionary potential belongs to them. Were they to spontaneously assert their existence and somehow remain undefined it would break the system. As Mao might say approvingly: People are the disaster.
    (continue reading…)

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    Crash the Heavens

    by on Nov.05, 2011

    I walk down Wall Street all the time. Most of my doctors are downtown. You won’t find any protestors on Wall Street. What you will find is George Washington’s camel toe.

    I was downtown again today. Wall Street was totally blocked off. Past the barricades I could see a hundred or so police charging a mob of rioters. There was smoke, blood, guns, pandemonium — and no protestors.
    (continue reading…)

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    Out of Nothing at All: Non-Diegetic Truth and Influence

    by on Aug.10, 2011

    [the above image is a clickable link to a trailer for DAN HOY’S STANLEY KUBRICK’S 2001 — couldn’t get the video embed to work for this for some reason]

    I’ve been silent on Montevidayo for several weeks while attending to the coming apocalypse. Now that the apocalypse is finally coming all over our faces, I’m free to re-dematerialize and offer up some digital artifacts for the world we love to hate on. One of the projects I’ve been working on is a remake of Kubrick’s 2001. By ‘remake’ I mean I’m swapping out all the non-diegetic tracks with tracks that bore me less but still attain the kind of non-diegetic heights that Kubrick was going for (or that I would go for, whatever). I decided to do this after I realized I rip off Kubrick all the time anyway, specifically his use of text as interruption (see his terrifying use of banal title cards like ‘WEDNESDAY’ in The Shining) and his tonal approach, which I would characterize as a kind of patient impatience. I realized this around the same time I realized Gasper Noé, whom I adore (despite limited exposure to his work), is another Kubrick ripper-offer. For reference and enjoyment, here are the opening credits to his Enter the Void:
    (continue reading…)

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