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with greetings from sweden (part iv: matti kallioinen)

by on Jun.11, 2011

Please enter Gaslandet
Also visit the the kallioinean myspace section

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with greetings from sweden (part iii: sara-vide ericson)

by on Jun.11, 2011

“Emigrationsverket/Emigration organization”, Oil on canvas, 2003

“Michelle Pfeiffer has believes in Egypt, and I believe in Michelle”, Oil on canvas, 2006

“Patafysiken”, Oil on canvas, 2007

“Varulvarna”, Oil on canvas, 2008

“Hilla IV”, Oil on canvas, 2009

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magdalena nordin: last girl standing

by on Jun.11, 2011

I almost never read books. When I do, I usually haven’t the energy to finish it. But Jenna Jameson’s book was different, I couldn’t stop reading it. I recognized myself in what she had written, we had so much in common. She was a teenager and quiet as a mouse. She had no clue how to connect with people and was passive in all social situations. Jenna dreamed about becoming a star, for people to notice her. Like me, she loved attention. The difference between us was that she got it and there we part company.

Jenna Jameson’s book How to Make Love Like a Porn Star is an autobiographical novel on how she became one of the biggest porn stars ever. We follow her throughout her teens, when she ran away from home and started to work as a stripper and escort. No doubt she probably featured on sites like many times. She later became a nude model, subsequently a porn actress and finally created her own adult entertainment company, Club Jenna. At the age of eighteen she had attained a career and complete control over her own destiny. She wanted to be the best and always made sure to excel among rivalling girls. A fierce competition arose, the other girls talked behind her back and glared at her jealously. I was one of them.

I was the outshined girl who never distinguished herself. I was jealous of her perfect teenage years. She got the dangerous boys, joined crazy parties and dared to run away from home. She got attention, did drugs, had a broken childhood, and the perfect look. When she lost her virginity, all she had to do was to buy a dress without shoulder straps, go to a party with older boys, get hammered and pass out, and wake up the following morning covered with blood in a waterbed with a guy beside her. I myself tried the same thing. I went to a party and drank until I blacked out. But each time I woke up at home in my own bed – still a virgin.

But today neither I nor Jenna Jameson is a teenager. Today I have the tools I need to reach my goals. And I will. I will reach the top on my own, just like Jenna.

She was young, beautiful and drunk. Her name was Sara-Vide. And she was mine.

Sara-Vide was tall, slim, tanned, with perfect boobs. She had wire-straight red-blond hair cut in bangs that grazed her eyebrows. She looked like she was from a road movie from the late 80’s. When she crossed the threshold to a party at Bokbål Publishing House she attracted all eyes, including mine.

I told her about my project and invited her over to my apartment for a photo shoot. I needed her, she had more experience than I and she knew how to get guys where she wanted them. We could make them trip and crash their cars.
She accepted my offer.

And I thought: “Finally, I have a partner in crime.”

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with greetings from sweden

by on Apr.05, 2011

This song is about Little Lovis who never spits out her tobacco (snus) when she´s giving head
See more of Little Lovis videos here

She belongs to a tradition of swedish dirty singers like Onkel Kånkel, Eddie Meduza, Johnny Bode & Lillemor Dahlqvist

Johnny Bode & Lillemor Dahlqvist – Saturday night at the brothel

Johnny Bode & Lillemor Dahlqvist – Jerk me off with white gloves on

Eddie Meduza – Jerking off

Onkel Kånkel – Puttin on the Frits

Onkel Kånkel – Gaybusters

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too much of a woman (part ii)

by on Mar.01, 2011

The trailer to the forthcoming movie “Las Palmas” by the director Johannes Nyholm. The Baby Trasher is his daughter.

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too much of a woman

by on Feb.27, 2011

A film by Göran Olsson – about the swedish artist Leila K

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with greetings from sweden (part ii)

by on Feb.27, 2011

Nathalie Djurberg

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with greetings from sweden (part I)

by on Jan.18, 2011

A series of self-portrait called “Knäppfinger” by the swedish artist Karin Lindholm

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