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Vijay Prashad – Uncle Swami

by on Jun.07, 2012

Hola Montevidayans, Ken at the Asian American Writers’ Workshop here. We’re hosting a talk tonight at the Brecht Forum featuring Marxist historian and antiracist organizer Vijay Prashad. Guest blogging below is musician and activist Sonny Singh, of the bhangra funk band Red Baraat. The event will start in a few minutes and he’ll be refreshing throughout. Keep your eyes peeled, which suddenly strikes me as a grotesque metaphor.

* * *

Hi folks, Vijay Prashad has entered the Brecht Forum with an entourage. They are looking menacing.

The masses are pouring in.  Vijay has a vibrant and attractive following.  Lots of people standing up, packed house!

Max from the Brecht Forum is making some opening remarks and announcements.  Getting started 30 minutes late, desi standard time in full effect…

Ken Chen from the Asian American Writer’s Workshop stepping to the mic.  “I don’t know what to say because you are all Vijay fans.”  Thanks to SAJA and SASI for helping promote.

We’re in an age of the first black president and the first Indian governor in the United States, says Ken.  An age that is post-multicultural but not post-racial.

Vijay’s anti-racism is not just about civil rights, it’s about something much bigger, more global.  Inseparability of foreign policy and civil rights is apparent in Uncle Swami.

(Ken just mentioned Vanilla Ice. I didn’t catch the context, but it still felt worth mentioning).
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