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Hiromi Itō & Julia Kristeva

by on Oct.29, 2010

A few moments ago, I found online this video of a mash-up of lines from the important Japanese feminist poet Hiromi Itō and theorist Julia Kristeva. This is a brilliant and telling combination.

As I was working on my translations of Itō’s work for the book Killing Kanoko, which was published by Action Books in 2010, Itō told me that she first learned about Kristeva in the late 1980s from the man who was her husband at the time, the literature scholar Masahiko Nishi. As she worked through her own pregnancy and the psychological traumas of post-partum depression, the concept of abjection became quite important to her, and she spent a great deal of time working through issues of the feminine body, its leakiness, its limits, and its excesses in her own organic way. One of the results of this exploration was a book of poems that included “Killing Kanoko,” which is quoted along with Kristeva in this video.

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BOOKMIX MASHUP: Killing Kanoko/Powers of Horror from lady blogblah on Vimeo.

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