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Semen, Film, and Story-telling: History as Media in Reactions in Bolaño’s “Prefiguration of Lalo Cura”

by on Oct.01, 2012



I wrote a draft of this post a while ago, didn’t publish it, and forgot about it; but  Johannes’ post, “The Violent Pollution”:  Carl-Michael Edenborg’s Parapornography  made me decide to bring the draft back to life, to get it involved in this conversation I’m excited about.

The following passage from Edenborg’s essay is where I saw the connection between Parapornography and my reading of “Prefiguration of Lalo Cura” by Roberto Bolaño.

“The moving images of bodies that rubbed against bodies broke away from the games of identification and projection and moved into a new productivity. It was no longer his penis, her vagina, his sperm, her sighs, her breasts, his buttocks. There were anemones, surfaces without inside, uneven condensations of information and time…they were more real than the homogeneous phantasms that usually accompanies the bloating of the sexual organs, the materials of pornography.”

What I find interesting in this passage and another sentence Johannes quoted– it [Parapornography] can “extract endless excitement from the same skin flap” — is the recognition that there are “more” than the materials/ elements that compose a pornography in Parapornography.  However this sense of “more” is different from  transcendence in the sense of “the sculpture of Madonna is more than  a block of marble” ; what creates this sense of “more” is not that there is something sublime that cannot be fully represented above the materials, but that these materials/elements are in undulation, or if I am to put it in the word I used for my original draft “motions of reaction”. (continue reading…)

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Jack Smith, Normal Love, and Hate will Make You Cry Video

by on Sep.14, 2010

I’m very moved by the video Aylin posted — Most moving to me is the connection between this work and Jack Smith’s _Normal Love_. I know that some consider it problematic to contextualize the work of (gay) (women) in terms of gay men, whose work is already given so much serious attention, relative to the work of women. But in this case, the subaltern Jack Smith certainly seems occultly present in this project. His _Normal Love_ also operates in Arcadian setting, a literalization of an ‘outsiderstatus’– the spaces in Normal Love seem to happen outside any kind of polis or state, though possibly adjacent to one. At the same time, the Arcadian space of ‘Normal Love’ (is it a Utopia? An afterlife? Or just a vacant stare?) seems to occupy a binary relationship with a single sublime figure– in _Normal Love_ it’s Mario Montez as the Mermaid, in this video it’s the dyke figure decked in flowers who seems to play a completely uncool role of deity. I realize that these tropes are all played semi-ironically by the video– they are both a critique of Swedish national culture, with its sentimentalization of rurality and nudity, and a redeployment of these images in a way that makes them radioactive (the nudes in Karl Larsson might be surprised to find this dyke-goddess weighing her brick, or they might grab a brick.) The reworking of the disco tune/gay anthem also brings gay male culture into the project of aggressive counterprogramming entailed in this video. I’m all for this alternate ‘Alliance’.

[For video see post below.]

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