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Some Versions of the Necropastoral: Plath's Ariel

by on Jan.14, 2011

Red White and Blue Ariel

In my last post, I thought about Jack Smith’s Normal Love as an exemplar of the ‘necropastoral’, a term which denaturalizes the pastoral by focusing on its always/already unnatural qualities. In its classical form, the pastoral is a kind of membrane on the urban, an artificial, counterfeit, impossible, anachronistic version of an alternative world that is actually the urban’s double, contiguous, and thus both contaminatory and ripe for contamination, a membrane which, famously, Death (and Art) can easily traverse (Hence, Et in Arcadia Ego).

I’ve started reading through Ariel again, and it’s striking to me the degree to which this text works as necropastoral. (continue reading…)

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