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A Birkensnake 6 Call for Submissions

by on Sep.25, 2012

Since there’s been a lull in content, I thought I’d step in to promote a call for submissions (x7). You may have heard of Birkensnake, the great (and now free) fiction journal edited by Joanna Ruocco and Brian Conn. You may have heard of their Birkensnake 6 project, in which the editors selected six (now seven) teams of co-editors to collaborate on a Birkensnake 6 of their design, with all seven issues to be released simultaneously next summer. Most of the calls for submissions have now been posted — take a look.

I’m excited to be involved in this project as an editor, and pleased to have been paired up with Canadian-Serbian writer/teacher/translater/etc Miodrag Kojadinović. We’ve come up with what we hope is a tantalizing CFS for an issue themed Neverending Tales. Here it is – consider submitting!:


We seek short fiction for a Birkensnake 6 devoted to endlessness. That is, we seek fiction that doesn’t end — for instance, cyclical and/or recursive stories, narratives formed after fractals or the ouroboros, whatever neverending forms you can come up with; as well as fiction that explores that which has no end — for instance, stories involving outer space, reincarnation, hauntings, the horoscope, a subway system without end, the experience of neverending displacement, Michael Ende’s The Neverending Story, Dino Buzzati’s Seven Messengers, the US War in Iraq, the North Atlantic Garbage Patch … basically anything dealing with the infinite, the immortal, the recurring, the asymptotic, the nomadic, the circuitous, and the moebian.

Send fiction of 8 to 8888 words by March 15, 2013 to our online submissions manager. Feel free to contact us at tales.neverending@gmail.com with questions or for further information.


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