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by on Apr.23, 2011

A couple of months ago I was in Destin, FL with my family. One day we went to this place that served gross food. There were alligators there. Anyway they also had one of those things that are filled with stuffed animals that you try to rescue with a scary mechanized claw. The stuffed animals looked like they’d been in there a long time. In particular, there was this space monkey smashed against the glass. He was in an impossible position. There was no way he would ever be saved by a mechanized claw. This was his life, for ever and ever. And yet deep down he knew that even if he were rescued, even if he were free, this would still be his life. He knew, deep down, that his life was analogous to all life. To be trapped against the glass for all eternity — this is life. This is what it is to be free.

Also, for those who’ll be in NYC this upcoming week and ARE ALSO interested in poets who exude rare mastery of the craft, look no further:

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