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Body Possessed by Media and Bataille’s Solar Anus

by on Sep.17, 2010

Meat Purse

My thinking about art, writing, media and genre, lately coming together under the rubric of the Body Posessed by Media, is heavily indebted to Bataille (a connection I’ve drawn before in my essay “Expenditure, or Why I’m Going to Die Trying”, which was an AWP talk and also appeared in Fence).  In showing how the idea of the Body Posessed by Media links to Bataille, I’d like to consider this quote from George Battaile’s essay, Solar Anus:

“Everyone is aware that life is parodic and that it lacks an interpretation. Thus lead is the parody of gold. Air is the parody of water. The brain is the parody of the equator. Coitus is the parody of crime.

Gold, water, the equator, or crime can each be put forward as the principle of things.
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