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Solidarity: Does the Body Bleed? Does It Tear or Tear Up?

by on Mar.18, 2011

The People's House

A week ago, I posted on the possibility of realizing the connectedness of widely scattered bodies and hinted at the existence of a larger body politic than the one we are accustomed to acknowledging (http://montevidayo.com/?p=1078). Whereas bodies politic are often thought to be limited by national borders, provinces, districts, and voting bodies, I suggested that the slogan “We Are Wisconsin” is a key marker of the present state of solidarity as well as a potential opening to increase our awareness of solidarity beyond traditional borders. One of the most quoted recent examples of this in the social imagination comes from the report of an Egyptian ordering pizza for protesters in Wisconsin.

In this context, “We Are Wisconsin” means “We Are Egypt” means “We Are Tunisia” means “We Are Libya” means “We Are Yemen” means “We Are Bahrain.” The present state of affairs in all of these places are potentially relatable in sundry and subtle ways. We should add to the list: “We Are Michigan.” I predict that Michigan will rise from its ashes or fall further into domination by corporate heads based on the lived reality of this slogan. I put the slogans in quotes because we must realize that they are inactive until actually spoken, until we have changed posture in some way to accommodate their reality in actual life lived beyond the realm of internet likes and commentary. And it bothers me, really, that more Americans outside of Wisconsin have not yet expressed this reality with more than words, not yet with their bodies. The difference between Wisconsin or Egypt or Tunisia or Bahrain or Libya and Michigan, for example, is that the tweeters were in the streets, not sitting at home. But there is still time.
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