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No Future = Any Future = Alligator Blood x Macaque Dreams

by on Oct.22, 2011

[Here’s my talk, which followed Feng’s, from our “No Future” panel at the &Now Festival…]


For Faustin Linyekula, the Congolese choreographer whose mix of dance, punk, and Ndombolo pop I saw a few weeks ago at the Walker Art Center, “no future truly means any future.”  Linyekula explains that, if the title of his piece is “MORE, MORE, MORE… future,” it’s because

One “more” was not enough, it had to be more, more and more! […] To deny the future would be to go in the same direction as politicians. No, this is definitely about future! Of course, the title also reminds one of the punk-rock slogan “no future”. My idea was to inject a punk attitude in Congolese music and musicians, to contaminate the system and to shake the house.

While dancers thrash about in recycled Afro-fusion costumes, one singer dressed in gold lamé declares, “We are dancing but it’s nothing but a procession towards the burial chambers – open your eyes!”

In Roberto Bolaño’s short story “Mauricio ‘The Eye’ Silva,” the glittery eye of art similarly scrambles the equation and multiplies futurity.  As in Linyekula’s performance, the ethos of British punk is remixed across borders. (continue reading…)

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